Who is DJ Maarten?

Maarten’s love for music and radio started when he was 8. He would listen to the radio all day long to his favorite radio DJ’s and their music. His heroes at that time were Ferry Maat(Soul Show) and Robin “Jaydee” Albers(For Those Who Like To Groove),Martijn Krabbe(Dancetrax) and Ben Liebrand(Yearmixes, InTheMix). They were the one who played the hottest dance music at that time and a big inspiration to Maarten.

He started DJ-ing when he was 10 at a local church Youth Club in the town where he grew up. He listened a lot to the pirate radio stations at that time in the Eastern part of Holland.He loved the atmosphere these radio stations breathed and he wanted to be a part of this! Radio Mebo 2 Ft the Ohio show with Jeroen Ohio were his examples! Later on my favorites were Keizerstad and Delta Radio (area Nijmegen).  He himself started his own pirate radio station at the age of 12 and played dance music and synthesizer music.

Some years later he started studying Electrical Engineering in Enschede where he continued DJ-ing in the Campus student bar (Vestingbar). He also started his own (and first!) regular weekly radio show at the student radio station radio Radio Drienerlo. Later on this show moved to Enschede FM.  Here is a nice articel about this perdiod. Later on he also started a dance show on Enschede FM (Clubcardradio) which he continued to do until 2015.  Also done other shows on Enschede FM and worked together with Marisa Heutink’s late night Saturday show. From 2010 until 2015 he also had a dance show on Twente FM called Bumping Beats!

During his student years, he DJ-ed in almost every club in Enschede: La Conga, De Kapsalon, Circus, de Nieuwmarkt, de 7de Hemel, The Experience and the ‘extravaganza club’ ‘Club Bolke’.

Today he is still resident DJ in Club Bolke(Enschede), ‘t Achterommetje(The Hague), Cafe Landman(The Hague) and incidently DJ-ing in other clubs and festivals as well such as: Paard van Troje, Beachclub Naturel, Whoosah, 538 Idance, Hof Lounge XL, Strandclub Wij and Suiderstrand.

From 1999 until 2015 He was also running his ’empire dance project’ ClubCardRadio. (See archive above) It was a radio station project which had 3! streams and several podcasts parallel running in the glory-days with dance songs and DJ mixes from DJ Maarten and his fellow DJ friends!  Unfortunatly Buma Stemra/Brein with their stupid license structure killed all this creativity and he had to shut it all down in 2015. See here the archive which DJ Maarten is restoring at the moment from backups to Mixcloud ! It is alot of work so it will take some time but working on this.

Together with his study friend Sander Huysen he is also running the dance station ‘MoveDanceRadio’ where you can hear the fines dancetracks from past until present including all Yearmixes from 1999 until now. The station is still online but unfortunately not publically available anymore. They are still searching for a party to host the station and solve the Buma/Stichting Brein nightmare for them.

Through almost 25 years of DJ-ing experience, DJ Maarten can handle almost every music style and knows how to give his audience a good time on the floor! The last 20 years DJ Maarten has focussed more and more on House Music! His style can be defined as a combination of EDM, Groovy House, Deep House, Soulfull and Progressive. Maarten loves the minimalistic baseline Giorgio Moroder introduced in the late 70’s (eg I Feel love by Donna Summer) which is still the basis for dance music of today. This baseline is the basis for all his sets including a little ‘vocal’ here and there! 😉

From 1999 until now he creates his Yearly legendary Dance Yearmix. Its not a ‘cut and paste’ mix like other yearmixes but a (shortened) live set where he plays his yearly favorites. Playing time usually between 4 and 6 hours.

Every month DJ Maarten produces a Live Session podcast with the hottest new releases! Check them out here!

A few of Maarten’s favorites of today: Disclosure, Chocolate Puma, Mark Knight, My Digital Enemy, EDX, Erik Prydz, Basement Jaxx, The Cube Guys, Prok & Fitch, Ida Engberg, Le Youth, Robyn.

A few! of Maarten’s all-time favorite records: I Feel Love(Donna Summer), From Here To Eternity(single version!, Giorgio Moroder), What Time Is Love(The KLF), Dark And Long(Darktrain Mix, Underworld), Sun Rising Up(Deux), Someone(Black Legend), Cry India(Umbuza), Sun Of A Gun(JX), The Sweetest Dream(Blue Lagoon), Summer In The City(Soulvation), Blue Monday(New Order), Way Of Life(Dave Clarke), Insomnia(Faithless).

Contact DJ Maarten? He would love to hear from you! No commercial messages please!  For the love of music!

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